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Hi Cyndi,

We have not found a way to tie the release of grades to evaluations yet, but we have found a way to increase our evaluation participation rate. We use Scantron's Class Climate program. Students receive an email at the beginning of the evaluation period. Those who do not complete the evaluations receive reminders every three days. The way to stop the emails is to complete the evaluations. We also set aside five to ten minutes in each course and a proctor facilitates the evaluation process. This may be clunky, but our participation rate is around 90%.

There is a company called Online Course Evaluations (www.onlinecourseevaluations.com<http://www.onlinecourseevaluations.com>) that contacted us in the past. They guarantee 72 - 90% return, based on the plan you choose. I know nothing about them, but someone else on this listserv may have experience with them.

Take care.


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OK, I'm wearing my T-shirt with the target on its back today* so will take a chance of asking this. I really did do my research...looked at the archives, etc...but didn't find much out there.
I know I've seen presentations on online faculty evaluations - but am not sure if it was at CALI or AACRAO/NNLSO. At the presenter's school, students could not see their grades until they completed the 10-minute evaluation. This was apparently pretty successful.
I'm interested in a canned solution for our law school. Nope, I don't have a programmer on-board and I'm not interested in kluging something up, although free is always good.
So, any solutions from the 'noids?

*True story from my long-ago days doing tech support for an International software company. Found a serious printing bug in the product my first couple of days there, and the owner (and main programmer) came walking down the hallway saying "Where's the newbie? I'm going to kill her." Guess he didn't like anyone finding flaws in his product. Anyway, that night I went to the t-shirt shop at the mall and had a t-shirt made with a large red target on the back and the words "{Company name} Tech Support Newbie" on the front. I wore it the next day and got a free lunch with the owner in return. That t-shirt was then handed down to other newbies as they came on board. =)

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