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We have purchased iPADs our for faculty out of their annual discretionary funds. Lately our Business manager has taken over this process. Before that I did the majority of those purchases. We tend to put those purchases on a P-Card. A staff member can request an iPAD and then it would have to be approved. We do not have a budget for staff iPAD purchases. Our Director of Web Services uses an iPAD.

No, each user uses their own iTunes account. Some users have optioned for Tablets. I use an iPOD

Like Phil, I have two Apple accounts one for work and one personal. 



Jim Epting
Director, Computer Services
USC - School of Law

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Has anyone purchased iPads for employees?  If so - how did you handle app purchases?  iTunes cards?  A budget?  Have everyone use the same iTunes account?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Grace Simms
Information Technology Librarian
Beeson Law Library
Birmingham, AL
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