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Stephen App app.stephen at temple.edu
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At Temple Law, we're using video for a variety of reasons, most of which
I've listed below, We house most of our stuff on a video
programmed on our main page and then promote them through Facebook,
Linkedin, Twitter, and occasionally YouTube.

1. Marketing - We use video to promote our
although we've produced a few videos to highlight campus events as
well, such as our Service
This past Spring, we filmed a series of videos aimed at accepted students,
which featured faculty members from a variety of departments promoting
their area of law, and the year before that, we streamed question and
answer sessions for accepted students with faculty members and our Dean.
Everything we produce to this point has been in-house.

2. Class Recordings - We don't have a standardized video capturing system
for class recordings, so for now, we run small consumer level HD camcorders
(Canon HG20s) to classrooms when requested, record classes, and then post
the videos to blackboard course pages via Ensemble. It's a pain, mainly
because this process entails the moving around of cameras, the importing
and encoding of the videos, and the uploading, embedding, and posting. The
video quality is definitely acceptable, and the audio is clear for
professors that speak at a normal volume, but it's a poor option if the
professor is using PowerPoint, which everyone and their mother seems to be
using these days. Typically, it takes about 24 hours for video to be
posted, and sometimes longer if we have a lot of recordings requested in
one day.

3. Career Planning - We record career planning lectures and post them
our website for public consumption.

4. Special Events - We record and stream our commencement exercises, all
through an in-house crew, and film other special events to post online,
such as moot court<http://www.law.temple.edu/Pages/Sights_and_Sounds/Video.aspx?hfjtDw8OVU-pPuD1mGLyDA>competitions
and guest

We're also working on adding some instruction videos on YouTube for current
students. Things like how to connect to the wireless network or how to
download software for exam taking. Frankly, I'm embarrassed that we haven't
already uploaded these. YouTube is the second most used search engine on
the Internet, and students typically fit the age of those power users. Its
important to make sure they are finding what they are looking for on your
own sites', not a competitors.

Hope this helps. I'd be very interested to see how we differ from other law


(Sorry for all the links above, but I thought it might be helpful to have

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On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 5:21 PM, Fran Rhynhart <FRHYNHART at vermontlaw.edu>wrote:

> I know this is a general question, but we are interested in how other
> schools are utilizing video.
> Are you using video in all academic departments: marketing, the classroom,
> alumni relations, etc.
> What is your  "state of the art" for capturing and content distribution?
> Thanks,
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