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You can also update via thumb drive.

Just don't install 50,000 units (rep said he had a hotel chain looking to cover all their properties) or you'll never be done.

Phillip Bohl

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Looks good. May be a good addition for some of our systems.  The only thing that concerned me was:

 *   Firmware updates via the network save time and money 2

2.     Firmware update speed depends on the load of the property network. Updates will only occur when downloaded onto the FTP server and the Media Gateway is not in use. Therefore, each unit could update at varying times.
Our University, as well as many others are blocking FTP because of security risk.  Without going into a lot of detail on this, you may need to check with your network security folks and see if this may be an issue.  If so, you might want to inquire about alternative methods for firmware updates.

Daniel Dean MCSE
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Has anyone taken a look at the TruLink Media Gateway from CablesToGo? http://www.cablestogo.com/hospitality/media-gateway/overview/

I just spoke with the regional sales rep for this product and it sounds almost too good to be true.

The price for the smaller table top unit is $185 and it handles VGA, HDMI, iPod/iPhone/iPad, composite, and USB sources.  Control, audio, and video all connect through a single HDMI on the display (CEC enabled HDTV or Projector).

We're getting a demo unit.  Fingers crossed.

Pepperdine Law

See my new(ish) blog for some more details if you dare: http://lawmedia.pepperdine.edu/lexntech/?p=62
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