[teknoids] Benchmarking various technical services

MacKnight, Scott scott at law.ucla.edu
Mon Nov 7 23:17:55 EST 2011

I received an interesting benchmarking request from our SBA group that I'm having a hard time trying to nail down so I wonder if any of you have attempted something similar or can provide suggestions on how to whittle this down into something more actionable.

The suggestion was to survey the technology and library staffs at other graduate institutions (both law and MBA) in order to compile a list of "gold standards" across a few different technology sub-categories (e.g., mobile access, on-campus services, off-campus services, etc.), and note where UCLA Law's technologies and programs are related to these standards.

The breadth of this makes it hard to imagine doing without significant data collection. Might there be something already created by Teknoids or Educause that is similar to this? Any suggestions would certainly be welcome!


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