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Zhou, Dongfa zhou3603 at stthomas.edu
Thu Nov 3 09:56:57 EST 2011

Hi, all,

Is anyone using any program in your clinic to function as a job bank?  Basically, the idea is that it is a system of reciprocity, where members offer their time and services in exchange for credits that they can use to "purchase" a service from another member.  If you are using such a system or are aware of any off the shelf program, or even have ideas on how to build one, please share either with the list or with me privately.  Thanks in advance for your time.

Don Zhou, J.D. and M.L.I.S

Director, Law School and Law Library Technology
University of St. Thomas Law School
1000 LaSalle Avenue
 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403-2015

phone:  (651)962-4868

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