[teknoids] 70" LCDs anyone?

John Mayer jmayer at cali.org
Tue Nov 1 13:42:35 EST 2011

Chicago-Kent just installed a bunch of these...


Hitachi ultra-short-throw projectors.  They might fit your needs because
you can mount them on the wall or on a white board that swings out.
 Lighter, cheaper too.


On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 1:36 PM, Bohl, Phillip C. <
Phillip.Bohl at pepperdine.edu> wrote:

> Folks,
> I'm looking at a bandaid solution for a couple of classrooms using the
> Sharp 70" LCD.
> Profs want a secondary display for presenting two simultaneous sources.
> Owing to the room geography & construction, we're pretty limited with what
> we can do -- wedge shaped floor plan (tiered seating), movable walls
> (sending wall and one side wall) and tiny well.  I have two of these
> classrooms.  A third is sandwiched between them sporting a movable "air
> wall" on each side with the sending wall also movable.
> The existing projection screen is big enough for a decent primary image
> but not big enough to divide into a display for two sources AND there is
> not enough room in the ceiling to add a second screen.
> So… looking at the sight lines and our options for positioning some kind
> of secondary screen, it looks like we *could* mount a large display on the
> side wall that isn't movable.  We'd push it pretty high up the wall and use
> an articulating mount to swing it out when in use.
> Has anyone fooled with these really big TVs for this kind of use?  The
> price is pretty attractive (under $3k delivered) for the screen.  I'd love
> a motorized swing arm mount but it seems such things aren't readily
> available for TVs this size … and that turn close to 90 degrees from the
> wall.
> We're firing up a whole building remodel project that will likely demolish
> these three classrooms but that's about 5 years in the offing.
> TIA,
> Phil
> Pepperdine Law
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