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Richard Abbott Rabbit at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 28 12:56:04 EST 2011

There is another way...

One command ( mogrify -format pdf *.tiff ) will convert every tiff in a directory to pdfs of the same name. Mogrify is part of the ImageMagik toolset. 

Groklaw also has a great tutorial on batch-converting pdfs into text files using Tesseract open source character recognition.

And for complex or otherwise difficult documents ...


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> For a big project doing batch conversions of  TIFF files to 
> PDF we used AdultPDF available at adultpdf.com (and ignore the 
> name, it's not what you think).  We had about 200,000 
> documents with 11 million pages in TIFFs that we converted to 
> PDF files.  We used this product on the recommendation of 
> the computer science doctoral student who was advising us.  
> It cost us about $50.00.
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> PDF to DOC is always going to glitch, but just depends on the 
> document.  If there are any graphics at all, it changes the 
> whole game.  Adobe Acrobat Pro X actually does a pretty 
> good job at converting a text PDF to a doc.  I found that 
> running OCR on the PDF prior to saving as a .doc works well.
> I would venture to say that Adobe Acrobat is always going to be 
> the best, obviously.
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> Why are computers so difficult?  Because of errors like this:
> Service X depends on service Y, which failed to start because of 
> the following error:  The operation completed successfully.
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> Subject: [teknoids] pdf conversion software
> What is the best software for someone who needs to do a lot of 
> PDF/DOC (or DOCX) conversions in both directions?  I 
> remember Nuance as glitchy, but that was a couple of years ago.
> David Lowe
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