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Brandon Abell babell at PACIFIC.EDU
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Criterion B will not be possible -- recognizing and transcribing
individual voices is hard (and flaky) enough as it is, when trying to do
this in an actual conversation it becomes essentially impossible because
people tend to talk over one another and not discretely start and stop
their talking in-turn.  A computer would have a very hard time dealing
with the overlap.

The only way I could think to do it would be to mic each person with a
very directional microphone and use regular speech recognition software
to attempt a transcription of each voice one at a time.  As a practical
matter though, I vote on sending the person to shorthand school.  :-)


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> A staff member here is transcribing hours and hours of mock
> negotiations for an ethical lawyering class and asked about the
> availability of voice recognition software to automate the process
> ("before my hands fall off"). Specifically, she asked if there was
> something that:
> a) could automatically transcribe an audio file;
> b) could recognize different voices and separate out speakers in the
> transcript (each negotiation has three students).
> To my knowledge the best thing available is Dragon Naturally Speaking,
> which claims to accomplish (a) with decent accuracy but not (b).
> Is anyone more knowledgeable about this? Does Dragon do that
> reasonably well? Is there anything on the market that can accomplish
> (b).
> Thanks for the help.
> Tom
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