[teknoids] Medianotes and other ways to video annotation

Bohl, Phillip C. Phillip.Bohl at pepperdine.edu
Tue Feb 22 12:46:57 EST 2011


Looks like we're finally going to upgrade our trial courtroom's video recording system (are you telling me those 18 year old analog cameras stopped working?).  We'd like to go to a system that automates the workflow as much as possible AND incorporates student and professor annotation of the recorded video.

I have watched the development of Medianotes over the years and like what I see but I'm interested in what other systems may be out there for comparison.  I know that there was an open source project called "Project Pad" a few years ago at Northwestern. It seemed like it was somehow related to Sakai but I haven't heard anything about it in some time.


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