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It looks like the ABA's website is currently down, but I happen to have
an old-fashioned paper copy of the ABA standards book. 

Under the headings of "Criteria for Approval of Foreign Summer
Programs", "Criteria for Student Study at a Foreign Institution" and
"Criteria for Semester Abroad Programs", the following blurb comes up
(emphasis mine): 


State Department Advisories

1.       Consular Information Sheets

a.       As part of the registration materials for the program, the
school shall supply the U.S. State Department Consular Information Sheet
for the country(ies) in which the program will be conducted; "Areas of
Instability" must be included. If the Consular Information Sheet is
revised during a program to announce an "Area of Instability" in the
region in which the program is being conducted, the updated information
must be distributed promptly to students.

b.      If the program is held in an "Area of Instability," students
must be permitted to withdraw upon learning that the site has been
declared to be such an area. Students shall be refunded fees paid except
for room and board payments utilized prior to the date the site was
declared an "Area of Instability."


I can't claim to have read through all the standards, but that's the
only relevant item that jumped out on me after a quick skim. 




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>In what way does the ABA require this?


>Jim Milles


I haven't any idea why our website would need all of the state
government's travel information for a foreign country according to ABA,
and was wondering if any of you had encountered such a thing, and if I
was just out of the loop.

Thanks much!


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