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We worked with our University programming group and came up with an "Electronic Gradebook", an application that allows faculty to do anonymous and non-anonymous grading without uploading CSV or access files etc.  Would be happy to talk with you about it.


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Hi Folks,

We use Banner at our campus and I have a question for those who use the same system.  Are any of you uploading grades from CSV files to that system to record your grades?  Because we use blind grading and I end up having to merge exam scores and participation grades in many cases, I have spreadsheets for all our individual classes.  Those spreadsheets contain student ID numbers and CRNs, all from Banner, so it seems to me that we probably have all the information we need in those spreadsheets to simply upload the data into the system once we have confirmed with our faculty that they are ready to post.

I'm certainly open to other suggestions, but I am really interested in knowing whether others are uploading data in this way and, if so, how painful the process was to implement.


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