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What Ben said. And with EBB, this year we started doing a lookup of the student ID against our internal database (MySQL) to prevent incorrectly typed IDs at the start of the exam. That's been a huge win for us. Some 3Ls still ask, "Was I supposed to get an e-mail that my exam successfully uploaded," but that's because they were 1Ls during the last year that we used Examsoft, which did have that functionality. Most 2Ls and 1Ls get it when they see the big green screen saying "Your exam has successfully uploaded."

Doug Edmunds
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I agree, but still we have a lot of nervous students at the end of the exam. Plus I was hoping to use this as a catch for students who either enter the wrong anonymous grading number or choose the wrong course from the drop down box. Currently we do not know anything is missing until we are printing out the exams. By this time the student has left the building and we have to track them down.

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Huh???  You mean the big window that comes up and says Exam submittal successful…gives the location of the receipt file on the hard drive, where you have to click a button that says “I understand” and OK the box isn’t enough of a confirmation???

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Why are computers so difficult?  Because of errors like this:

Service X depends on service Y, which failed to start because of the following error:  The operation completed successfully.

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I have a question regarding Exam 4 upload exam notification. Our students have voiced concerns that they do not receive adequate notice that their exam has been received. So we are discussing the feasibility of building a utility that would check the file directory and display the results on a web page or email the conformation to the student. Even though the software does provide a notification popup we are also looking to identify incorrect anonymous grading numbers or incorrect file uploads at the submission time.

I am wondering if anyone has looked into this or would find a tool like this beneficial?

Jason Rauch
Network Systems Manager
Washington College of Law
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