[teknoids] RHEL6/yum question

James Callison callison at hamilton.law.ou.edu
Mon Dec 5 16:49:56 EST 2011

On 12/5/2011 1:14 PM, John Joergensen wrote:
> It's the "beta", along with a version number that is
> higher than the version of glibc-devel you are attempting (that YUM is
> attempting) to install.

Bingo. I asked on one of our campus admin mailing lists, and it turns 
out that the campus RHN mirror carries all of the beta repos in addition 
to the production repos, and an apparent bug in yum caused the betas to 
be installed by an update even if you had all of the betas disabled in 
the config file.

I tried uninstalling glibc, but it ran through a list of packages that 
depend on glibc, which was pretty much everything on the box, and said 
"are you effing serious?" before telling me to go play with a Windows 
Server and stop bothering it. One of our resident RHEL/UNIX experts says 
he's not sure there's even a way to undo the insertion of the betas into 
the system, and I'm thinking he's probably right. It's looking 
suspiciously like a reinstall of the system is going to be the only 
solution to the problem.

Has RedHat been taking lessons form Microsoft and Apple? I can't say 
I've ever run into a catch-22 like this that required the rebuilding of 
a Linux box. At least it's not (yet) in production and I don't have to 
deal with the Registry to redo it...



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