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New on LLRX.com - www.llrx.com - for August 2011

**Thank you to the authors for sharing their expertise with the LLRX.com
virtual community.

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*>>Ghost in the Machine: Managing the Information Afterlife
*http://www.llrx.com/features/informationafterlife.htm *
*  *Ken Strutin* addresses how the scope of digital estates is growing by
leaps and bounds. Ken's guide gathers current research about digital content
ownership and disposition rights at the points where the life cycle has been
interrupted or concluded.

*>>The Growing Legal Implications of Tasers: A primer on the development,
uses, and consequences of Tasers*
Maureen Moran* addresses research associated with the civil liberties, legal
and law enforcement issues involving widespread availability - approximately
11,500 law enforcement agencies have acquired CEDs, or conducted energy
devices. Tasers are the most common electronic control device used by law
enforcement today.
>>FOIA Facts: Information is not Free*

*Scott A. Hodes* explains how the spending reductions mandated by the recent
Debt Ceiling bill will have tremendous impacts on citizen's accessing
government information on a number of fronts. While most in Congress will
tell you they are in favor of various access laws, paying for them is
another matter.

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