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I'm not sure I understand the questions, but we set up each printer so that it will only talk to our server subnet.  That blocks IP printing (and a whole host of other services) from clients on other networks.  This works on our Ricoh, HP, and Dell printers.  We also lock the printer console with a code so that there is not much you can do at the printer.

The downside is that you then have to manage all your printers from that server network.

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Morning, all.
We've been using Pcounter for years. We just upgraded to their newest version and installed it on a new print server. However, in setting it up, it appears that direct IP printing is allowed. That defeats the purpose of Pcounter, IMO. I was sure we had configured our Pcounter printer queues to block IP printing but I sure can't see how to do it and A.N.D. tech support hasn't been able to help, although we'll continue to pursue it with them.
So...how are others with Pcounter blocking IP printing?
Thanks and happy Friday.

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