[teknoids] Mailman - Follow up...

Robert Mariotti Robert.Mariotti at law.uconn.edu
Wed Aug 17 21:01:30 EDT 2011

Thanks to all who so kindly responded.  Through diligent digging with google I came up with what turned out to be the culprit.  When I explain below you will see why I was perplexed.

None of the mail was leaving Mailman.  It was just sitting in the outgoing queue.  Nothing I did was remedying that status.  Apparently someone else a while ago experienced the same issue.  His solution was to stop mailman (mailmanctl stop), delete the mailman lock file in /var/lock then restart Mailman.  I had nothing to loose so I tried that.  Voila`.  Literally instantaneous delivery.   Go figure!

Thanks again - Bob

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