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>From a faculty member...
Any expertise out there?
This question just arrived from one of my students.  Anyone have any
thoughts on this?  I dare say that I don't feel qualified to give any
answer to his question.  Seems a bit odd, since in the looseleaf,
double-sided version, all he would have to carry at any given time would
be 20-25 sheets of paper.  
Begin forwarded message:

I am in your torts section this semester. I have purchased the
loose-leaf edition of the torts textbook you assigned. I was a bit
surprised at the heft of the thing, so I was thinking about using an
office copier to turn it into a PDF. I've tried to do a bit of research
on the copyright issues surrounding this, but it's a bit unclear.
Section 107 of the copyright act deems the 'reproduction' in part of
copyrighted works for educational use, but since I would be scanning a
book that I have already purchased for personal-educational use, whether
I am reproducing it is unclear. The closest analog I could think of was
the spate of cases in the early 2000's against people who ripped CD's
they owned into mp3's and shared them. But the RealNetworks case only
ruled on whether it was legal to make use of excerpts from DVDs; "the
question of whether a consumer has a right to make a fair use copy of a
DVD she has purchased . . . is not presented on this motion and is not
addressed by the court." 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 1433, at *16 (I got this
from a Wikipedia discussion page, so the lexis citation might be
Since I'm biking to school it would be much easier to bring the book as
a PDF on my ipad. I have an app that can highlight and make notes, which
I plan on using anyway. Anyway I thought it would be worth asking, as I
would prefer to have a digital copy. Obviously I'm creating a lot of
trouble for myself and you before orientation, but if you could sound
off on this over the next day or three I would really appreciate it.
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