[teknoids] Creating document sets for legal simulation problems

Smith, Gregory GSmith at law.umaryland.edu
Wed Aug 10 18:51:52 EDT 2011

If you really had to go all out (like you want to use Camtasia to record simulation videos) then someone could create a physical or virtual dns server and mail server to host your fake mail domains and user accounts then connect the mail client machines to it and record away. Seems like a lot of work to just forge a static email document but necessary for video capture/simulations.

You could advance the time on the server and client machines to simulate threads/events spanning hours, days, and timezones.

Greg Smith,
Maryland Law

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On Aug 10, 2011, at 3:44 PM, "Ginsberg, Deborah" <dginsberg at kentlaw.edu<mailto:dginsberg at kentlaw.edu>> wrote:

One of our faculty members is working on creating a simulation and wants to know:

Is there any way of which any of you are aware that I could create a bunch of fake e-mails to and from the characters involved in the law suit?  If we could figure out a way to do that, it would make the mechanics a lot more realistic.

I know of tools to generate fake identities, but whole email threads/document sets are another matter.  Do you know of any apps/websites/services which can generate (or provide) fake documentation for simulations?  Thanks!

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