[teknoids] Rise of American Law

Melamut, Steven J melamut at email.unc.edu
Wed Aug 3 09:07:54 EDT 2011

Has anyone else bought the West DVD set Rise of American Law?  If so, I am wondering what you did with it.  It includes 87 GB of PDFs on 25 DVDs.  They are zipped together in a series of *.var files which WinZip can open.  Unfortunately, the individual PDFs demand a password.   The files can be opened using West's DVD software, but that will either require loading the software on each and every user's computer, or setting up an application server.   I would like to simply separate the PDFs and make them accessible directly from the online catalog using ldap authentication.  They gave us individual MARC records which would facilitate this.

Steven Melamut
melamut at email.unc.edu

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