[teknoids] RE: Any law schools using iTunesU for class recordings?

Aaron Dewald aaron.dewald at law.utah.edu
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We are using iTunesU to distribute class lectures for a handful of faculty.  

Here's our process, for what it's worth:

* Faculty use small mp3 recorders to record the class.
* The faculty give the recorders to their secretarial support. 
* Secretarial support pulls them off the mp3 recorder and manually uploads them to the professors class via iTunesU

Only those that are registered for the class can see the recordings. iTunesU is run by the main campus library technology group... so I have no idea about how that's set up. :(

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My faculty technology committee is asking for information about how other schools are using iTunesU.   I see a number of schools use it has a promotional tool.  However, it is harder to see who uses it to distribute recordings of classes.  Are any of you out there using iTunesU to provide video or audio files of classroom lectures to your students?

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