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Tom Ryan tomryan at camlaw.rutgers.edu
Wed Mar 10 15:41:00 EST 2010

We have been using Esker¹s VSI Fax for years.. (I¹d say its been ~8 years or
so).. Setup was expensive at the time (we paid around 2000 dollars for the
necessary hardware/software to handle the DID lines (to allow each user
their own number)). Ongoing costs are around 100 per month for two inbound
lines and numbers are available in blocks of 20 for 20 dollars per month.
The maintenance on the software is around 500 annum.

In all, we pay about 200 per month for our solution (60 numbers)..  I¹d like
to cancel it, but it still gets a lot of usage.. We also use it for outbound


On 3/10/10 3:24 PM, "Randy Krzyston" <rkrzyston at tjsl.edu> wrote:

> We will be moving to a new campus in January 2011.   This move comes with a
> shiny and new Cisco VoIP phone system!   We are exploring the possibility of
> providing both staff and faculty a personal fax numbers.    Mostly to receive
> faxes, but the desktop capabilities to fax out would be nice.   We will have
> large multi-function printer/copier  machines in the new campus on each floor,
> but we may or may not allow outbound faxing from themŠ. Still under
> discussion..
> Today we use the small  standalone  fax machines spread around the campus.
> Not really manageable by IT, analog phone lines all over  etc..
> I¹ve looked at eFax, but it is pretty expensive for our 150 users..
> What are you using or what would you recommendŠ
> Randy Krzyston
> Director IT Operations
> Thomas Jefferson School of Law
> (o) 619-297-9700 x1133
> (c) 619-204-9838
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