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We've worked for some time with a presumption that faculty would handle their own media, and I'd say it's worked about as well as one might reasonably hope.  (i.e., Most who are "into it" enough to want to use it generally do OK with it.)  We do provide a hotline phone near the console.  We also provide video instructions, linked from the room PC desktops.  See, for example, http://law.richmond.edu/library/multimedia/102.html .


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Greetings Fellow  Teknoids;

Due to budget cuts that has cut own our student aide hiring, starting this semester we are having faculty responsible for setting up their own technology.  We are doing training sessions and providing documentation for each of our different classroom setups (we have five different classroom configurations).   We will be providing support only if they have a problem with the technology in the room.

Have any of you gone this route? And what advice can you give me on what to expect as far as pitfalls, or advice on training faculty.

Greatly appreciated as always. Thanks in advance.

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