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New on *LLRX.com* for July 2010 - *www.llrx.com*  More articles forthcoming,
and my thanks to all the authors who contributed their expertise to our

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*>>Development of a SharePoint Site*
*Lorette S.J. Weldon* continues her series with a discussion on how to
interpret and document the requirements of an organization or a specific
department in order to develop a successful SharePoint site.

*>>Testing the Accuracy of Database Information Produced in Civil Discovery
*http://www.llrx.com/dbinformationcivildiscovery.htm  *
Conrad J. Jacoby* identifies the trend that increasingly electronically
stored information ("ESI") requested in litigation discovery originates in
databases or other structured data repositories. Previously, this data was
stored in discrete e-mail messages, spreadsheets, and word processing files
that have long made up the bulk of most ESI document productions. Businesses
creating and managing their accumulated information have discovered that
they are able to extract far more utility if they store their data in a
single repository and in a standardized format.*
*>>Law Libraries Transformed
Not long ago, the law library was "a place". It housed printed materials and
staff and provided work space for research. Lawyers went there to use books
and consult librarians to locate and complete assignments. Today *Eleanor
Windsor* and *Ron Friedmann* report that the notion of a modern law library
is very different, shaped by the skills of specialized researchers and
information managers rather than by bookshelves and bound volumes. *
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