[teknoids] Do teknoids blog?

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I blog on legal technology (including law school technology) at Legal Informatics Blog, http://legalinformatics.wordpress.com/ , and at Slaw, http://www.slaw.ca/ , and I edit the legal technology/publishing blog, VoxPopuLII, http://blog.law.cornell.edu/voxpop/ , which was founded by Tom Bruce.

Tom has a cool blog, b-screeds: http://blog.law.cornell.edu/tbruce/ .

John Joergensen has a cool blog, Hacked Librarian: http://jjoergensen.wordpress.com/ .

-- Rob Richards

Robert C. Richards, Jr., J.D.*, M.S.L.I.S., M.A.
Information & Communications Researcher, 
Specializing in Legal Information & Communications Systems
Philadelphia, PA
E-mail: richards1000 at comcast.net
CV: http://www.mendeley.com/profiles/robert-richards
Blog: http://legalinformatics.wordpress.com
* Member New York bar, retired status.

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Since this came up in a conversation today, I though I'd ask: Does
anyone in teknoids land blog on teknoids subjects? Is anyone on the
list blogging about technology in law schools? tech in education
generally? tech in law generally? tech in law libraries? How about
tech in general?

And a followup: Are interested in contributing in a blog that covers
tech in law schools, law libraries, etc?

Let me know, on or off the list.


Elmer R. Masters
Director of Internet Development
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
emasters at cali.org	773-332-7508
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