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I'm trying to get my head around this. Part of my comprehension problem may be that we do not return exams to students. They may inspect | review their final with their professor, but they don't get to copy it or take it with them.

The exam system prints submitted exams and includes the qrcode.  Are the printed | qrcoded exams then distributed to faculty for grading? Then are the graded exams scanned and the scanner recognizes the code and routed the appropriate exam to the correct student electronically?

I can understand wanting to automate a print to electronic distribution scheme. Is there a saving in time or resources by scanning these?

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Does anyone use a system to return graded papers/exams to students? (with handwritten comments/etc)

We're getting ready to flip the switch on an enhancement I'm just about finished coding. Essentially, we put a qrcode (in the bottom left and upper right corner) of every page that we print out from our exam admin system. I've then built an inbound system so that we can scan in all of the pages on our copiers and have the graded exams distributed to our students..

I'd love to abandon the paper print outs, but I don't think that's possible yet, so we're adapting.

I'm curious if anyone else is doing something similar and what methods you're using..

Happy Holidays all.

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