[teknoids] Fun with qrcodes!

Tom Ryan tomryan at camlaw.rutgers.edu
Tue Dec 14 10:14:41 EST 2010

Does anyone use a system to return graded papers/exams to students? (with
handwritten comments/etc)

We¹re getting ready to flip the switch on an enhancement I¹m just about
finished coding. Essentially, we put a qrcode (in the bottom left and upper
right corner) of every page that we print out from our exam admin system.
I¹ve then built an inbound system so that we can scan in all of the pages on
our copiers and have the graded exams distributed to our students..

I¹d love to abandon the paper print outs, but I don¹t think that¹s possible
yet, so we¹re adapting.

I¹m curious if anyone else is doing something similar and what methods
you¹re using..

Happy Holidays all.


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