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Tom Black tcblack at uark.edu
Wed Dec 8 18:01:59 EST 2010

Hi all,

I'm in the process of planning a virtualization initiative for all our web-based services.  I plan to run 3 VM applications immediately and want room to expand to maybe max 5 more in the future.  Each application will have its own function, but none will ever be tasked heavily for any extended period of time.  I have faith in the VMWare product line but I'm not sure what's overkill or under-powered.  Does anybody have experience with VMWare server products specifically "Workstation" and/or "vSphere"?

My server specs:
Dell Poweredge 2950, 8-core Xenon, 8GB Ram, RAID-5 10Krpm SCSI, VMWare ESXi capable hardware, RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.5

My VM requirements (applications):

1.       RedHat Enterprise Linux, cPanel, 10-20 Apache virtual hosts, up to 20 MySQL databases

2.       Fedora 13, Zoneminder Security Camera DVR, SAN-iSCSI (storage on offline dedicated server)

3.       RedHat Enterprise Linux project management and web development server

4.       Up to 5 more applications running various light duty work

My question is, based on the scope of our requirements, could I just run headless application instances on VMWare Workstation or would vSphere be the better choice?

Tom Black
Web Services
University of Arkanas School of Law
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