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We are going through the exact same situation here.  We purchased a Canon Scanfront 220 for our Admissions department and they love it.  It has a small footprint, does not have to be connected to a computer, extremely fast and accurate, and it has tons of options.  Thank you.


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Our admissions office, like others nationwide, is trying increasingly to "go paperless," or at least reduce considerably the amount of hard copy processing they do on an annual basis. I'm looking for recommendations on relatively small form factor scanners that can be networked to filer server shares (i.e., scanning and saving directly to network volumes). Our large form factor MFDs (all Ricoh brand) are capable of this, but admissions needs a dedicated scanner for their purposes, and it's got to be smaller than the Ricohs. Anyone who's assisted with implementing such a solution in your respective law school, please reply either on or off-list.

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