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Just use the Rutgers digital signage system with 14" monitors in the hall as clocks.

Concept art at: http://www.law.umaryland.edu/downloads/clock-concept-art.jpg


Greg Smith
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Currently, before exams, we manually set them all to someone's watch.  I have thought of looking into Atomic clocks set by radio, if that still works, but haven't  looked yet.  Will be interested to see what comes up from the group.

Jeff Whitcomb
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What system does your school use to keep classroom/hallway clocks synchronized? We have a system from 2000 that works reasonably well but requires hard wiring to each clock and the master itself does not check in with an authority time server. Looking for recommendations from others that have recently replaced their system or installed new that have such features.

Many thanks,

Jason Bradley | Director of Information Technology | Vanderbilt University Law School | 615.875.9428

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