[teknoids] drop box with anonymous student submittals?

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I asked Ben at Emory at the recent CALI about a program where you can just upload a file and share the link with a person you want. Tom's suggestion gave me a aha moment: upload form with a box to indicate if you want to let certain person know the link, enter the email there to notify the person and another box for you to decide if you want to keep it anonymous.  Now how do you implement that? I have not figure that out yet.

Don Zhou

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Doesn't TWEN have a dropbox capability?  That can be anonymous?  I forget, as I use our Angel system more than TWEN (some faculty love TWEN).

A lot of times the admins do some of the anonymizing.  For instance, we could do a batch download of the submissions and then hand those over to the professor.  The file have blind ID's on them only.  The only way to track them is if you're in Angel and looking at who submitted what.  The professor just "decides" not to look inside the dropbox, even if he or she is using other parts of Angel on a daily basis.  Not efficient and relies too much on the admin, but that has worked here.

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 9:04 AM, Tom Black <tcblack at uark.edu<mailto:tcblack at uark.edu>> wrote:
Would a simple upload form work for you?  It's anonymous, easy, and everyone know how to use one.

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Is anyone aware of a commercial, open source or online solution suitable for anonymous, electronic document/class assignment submittals by law students? If not, how do you handle this need? I've done some searching, and have seen a number of hosted solutions, though not specifically for the law school market. I think we would probably avoid externally hosted services, for various reasons.


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