[teknoids] CALI website up, (was CALI website down)

elmer at teknoids.net elmer at teknoids.net
Fri Aug 13 08:50:14 EDT 2010

As of 8:30 AM ET the CALI website is back online.
For the terminally curious, this is what Amazon had to say about the whole  

* 7:13 PM PDT A small number of EBS volumes in a single availability zone in  
US-EAST-1 region are currently experiencing connectivity issues. We are  
working to restore connectivity to these volumes.
* 8:18 PM PDT We are still restoring connectivity to the impacted EBS  
* 9:41 PM PDT The restoration of the impacted EBS volumes is in progress.  
Most impacted volumes are expected to be restored within the next 90 minutes.
* 12:10 AM PDT We are still working on restoring the connectivity of the  
remaining EBS volumes.
* 3:33 AM PDT We have now restored connectivity to most EBS volumes. A few  
volumes are still in the process of being restored. The service is now  
operating normally.

Seems we were among the "small number" hit by the outage.


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