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Whitcomb, Jeff jmwhitco at samford.edu
Thu Jul 23 09:07:49 EDT 2009

We are getting more and more requests for Student Organization web sites above and beyond the list of available organizations with their respective description, list of officers, and posted documents.  Are you allowing students to roll their own web sites?  Are you providing support for this?  Are you providing server space for this?  If you allow them to use some sort of hosted solution they go and find, is the school paying any of the hosting fees? Are you using FTP, CMS, etc.?  Do you have any written policy concerning student run Web Sites?  If you are supporting student run Web Sites, what staffing do you have to support this?

I did a quick search of teknoids.net and found a few things from 2002 and 2006, but these type things change all the time, so what's the consensus now?


Jeff Whitcomb
Technology Services Manager
Cumberland School of Law - Samford University
jmwhitco <at> samford <dot> edu

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