[teknoids] DEA's Event Management Systems

Brian Parker parkerb at ulv.edu
Mon Jul 6 11:32:48 EDT 2009

Hey all,


I realize this was briefly touched upon earlier this year, but our events
coordinator is trying to convince the administration to purchase Dean Evans
and Associates' EMS system, and there were a few questions that came up in
the meeting that I hope you all can help with:


1.       Who else uses or has used this system and what was your experience
with it?

2.       What hardware do you run the database and/or web server on? Are
these dedicated machines?

3.       Can the web interface be run in a UNIX environment or does the
software require Windows/IIS?

4.       Are there any further technology fees beyond the purchase of the


Thank you in advance, any and all replies are appreciated.




Brian Parker

Equipment/Systems Analyst

University of La Verne College of Law



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