[teknoids] RE: Shiretoko or Firefox?

Birch, Paul pbirch at richmond.edu
Thu Jul 2 14:25:13 EDT 2009

Answering, in part at least, my own question.  Right after I posted, I tried opening Facebook chat in Shiretoko 3.5.  Instead of the customary chat box, a separate window opened with an apparently functional chat interface, but also with an "old browser" nag and a "Switch to Firefox" link.  So there are obvious browser-recognition issues.


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Relatively new, as I am, to Linux (Ubuntu) as a desktop environment...

When I wanted to upgrade my Firefox to 3.5 a couple days ago, I took the route of installing the Shiretoko 3.5 build instead of Firefox itself.  Are there any distinct advantages or disadvantages to staying on this upgrade path?



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