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Urrea, Nick urrean at uchastings.edu
Mon Feb 23 13:42:23 EST 2009

I just bought a Lenovo S10 Ideapad.

I went with the 80 GIG hd, 512 MB Ram $299

I installed a 2 GB memory module for $25 on newegg.com . 


Works great for 

SSH and Web work 

as well as Acrobat, Word, Excel, and watching the occasion Youtube

I was also able to run some sound software (Traktor, Serato), on the
machine without a problem or slowdown. 

I noticed that running HD over the web via Flash is a little much for
the device.

I also love the size and weight. 

The 10" screen is nice.

The keyboard takes a little getting used to. Especially the right shift

If you are not looking to do any heavy multi-track sound or video
editing the S10 is a great portable computer. (under 3 pounds)

One issue I noticed is with the power settings. The default power
setting for running on batteries is to cut the CPU performance in half.

I couldn't work with the half CPU performance. The setting was easily


A student brought it in to our offices one day and I was sold.



Nicholas Urrea

Information Technology 

UC Hastings College of the Law

urrean at uchastings.edu






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I am currently running a Dell Mini 9, 1GB ram, 16 GB SSD. Sub $500. Runs
XP and MS Office. Besides being a tad slow to startup/launch (Atom), it
has been an effective device.  Keyboard is a little cramped with some
odd key placement.  Fingers crossed for the Dell Mini 10...


Also, I have been reviewing an HP 2133 eval unit. Most folks like the
exterior. Touchpad/button layout painful to use. Wider keyboard nice.
The screen is so glossy it is hard to use. Price not that attractive.


Anyone played with the Sony VAIO P series?





Michael Harvey

Director of Technology

Law Technology Services


The University of Texas School of Law

512-232-2736 wk | mharvey at law.utexas.edu

Website: http://www.utexas.edu/law/depts/lts/



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I looked at a number of machines and read every review I could get my
hands on.  I chose the MSI Wind U100.  It's been great except I had the
same problem mentioned by Ben - the battery failed.  I RMA'd the machine
and got a very quick turnaround.  Other than that - I've had no
problems.  Memory upgrades are also cheap - I found one from Crucial for


Syd Beckman

Dean and Professor of Law

Lincoln Memorial University School of Law


On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 9:16 AM, Chapman, Ben <ben.chapman at emory.edu>


No cautionary tales but we have tried two so far:

1.	The original Asus EEPC (4GB SSD/8.9" screen) - Fine little
machine. Runs Linux, etc. and has been covered over and over on the web.
The biggest downside is that both the screen and the keyboard are a
little bit too small for sustained work. 
2.	The MSI Wind U100. This machine has a terrific matte screen and
very nice keyboard; has an Atom, 1GB Ram, and a 160GB hard drive; runs
Windows XP. I bought one on the strength of this review in Defensive
Computing ( http://tinyurl.com/a9lcjl ). The review does a nice job of
discussing 10" screens vs. 8.9" screens and compares the Wind favorably
to the Acer Aspire One. The only issue with this machine so far was that
the 3-cell battery failed after about one month. We RMA'd the machine
and had no trouble getting a replacement. The new battery has worked
just fine. It looks like it's now about $320 at Newegg:
http://tinyurl.com/dyx2w8 . It has three USB ports, so I would assume
that a 3G USB modem could be fitted - that might keep your options open
in the case that this is not an appropriate device.

Also, we are currently evaluating an Asus EEEBox as a light-use desktop
machine. It's built on the same Intel Atom processor as current
generation of netbooks. It comes with a vesa-compatible mounting bracket
that will theoretically (depending on whether the base of your monitor
already uses those mounts) allow you to mount it to the back of a
monitor. We are considering deploying these in the computer lab. They
are also $320 ( http://tinyurl.com/4or8s4 ) at NewEgg. They come with
802.11n as well as regular ethernet. The only negative here would be the
keyboard and mouse which are pretty low quality and rather small. I
would probably buy or re-use existing full-size keyboards and mice.



On 2/20/09 12:52 PM, "Bohl, Phillip C." <Phillip.Bohl at pepperdine.edu>

Looking pretty hard at netbooks.  I must confess I have not yet taken
the plunge.
Any cautionary tales? 
I'm planning to pick up a few for evaluation.  I'm pretty sure we're
going to get the Dean a 3G unit for on-the-road email (I am told that
keyboards are nice for typing) to alleviate his blackberry thumb.

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