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Jonathan B. Davis davis_jb at law.mercer.edu
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We allow anyone inside our organization (faculty/staff) to email any Exchange list.  For folks outside, we add them as SMTP contacts also, but we also add them to an unpublished "External Senders" list.  Then, using Exchange 2007 Transport Rules, we also allow members of that list/group to send to certain distribution lists.  If someone from outside sends to one of our distribution lists but they are not members of that list/group, we redirect their message to an "approval" mailbox which we check regularly.  Mostly what we see there are students sending from their gmail instead of their institutional email address.

I can provide more details, if necessary.

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Hello everyone, what are all of you using for Mailing lists? We currently run an Exchange environment and have Distribution lists populated with SMTP contacts for outside people who want to receive emails from us.  Unfortunately controlling who can post and who cant is not possible in the current setup.

So I was curious what the rest of the Law school community might be doing?  Outsourcing? In house solution?

Thanks in advance for all of your help,

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