[teknoids] Audio recording tools

Richard Abbott Rabbit at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 13 14:57:13 EST 2009

Try out Ubuntu studio (http://ubuntustudio.org).  It comes with Ardour which I have used it for multitrack recording although not in a school environment.  If you already have the hardware, then it shouldn't cost anything to give it a try.


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> Our media center requested that I purchase Adobe Creative Suite 
> 4 and
> since we have no IT money due to budget cuts, I hesitate to do so
> without checking with my esteemed colleagues for other solutions (suck
> up mode turned on for those of you don't recognize it).
> We do a lot of audio recording. Their current method is to use
> Digidesign Pro Tools for capture as it has multi-track ability 
> and we
> often record several classrooms at once. However, it apparently plays
> back in real time so they dump the raw file into an older 
> version of
> Adobe Soundbooth to create the MP3. Apparently CS 4 Soundbooth now
> supports multi-track, which is why they want to purchase it.
> So...for those of you involved in audio recording, what inexpensive
> tools have you found that provides multi-track recording and 
> creates an
> MP3 w/o the cost of real time?
> Thanks...
> C.
> Cyndi Dean Johnson
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> UNM School of Law
> (505) 277-0695
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