[teknoids] Videoconference services?

Sparks, Michael Michael.Sparks at law.lsu.edu
Thu Dec 10 16:12:28 EST 2009

I agree the free desktop to desktop stuff is great, especially on Mac. I¹ve
used both iChat and Skype. I¹ve also recently been very impressed by a
product called Vidyo ­ not free but not as expensive as h.323 hardware.

I¹m hesitant to use these consumer desktop solutions in a conference room of
faculty and administration conducting a remote interview: high stakes Skype.
Maybe I shouldn¹t be. A concern of mine is the reliance on the network and
support (or not) on the other end since the are less likely to rely on
professional assistance. We once had a bad experience with a faculty member
attempting to address a class over Skype. The problems were with the
residential cable modem and firewall (and no tech support on site) and with
audio quality and echo cancellation and feedback.

It looks like the Kinko¹s solution requires Kinko¹s on both ends (their find
a location wizard won¹t accept less than two parties). Their way of ensuring
a quality experience by end-to-end control I suppose.


On 12/10/09 2:39 PM, "Daniel Nagy" <dn56 at cornell.edu> wrote:

> Well you don't necessarily even need that, depending on how many folks you are
> dealing with. We have a huge Teleconf rig, and we have in the past just used
> software on personal hardware (in our case OSX based machines). You just
> connect directly to the rig with no bridging needed, but I believe there are
> free bridging services (can't realy remember it was a while ago). With the
> built in cam it is good but not great. The key to the kingdom finding a client
> that is compatible with the H.323 protocol. Xmeeting is the client for osx.
> Dunno about windows.
> Kinkos/Fedex seems to have teleconf rooms at some of their locations:
> http://bit.ly/72oFD2 .
> d
> Sparks, Michael wrote:
>>  Videoconference services? We occasionally find ourselves in need of video
>> conference locations around the country. The locations are somewhat random
>> and the caller is not always associated with a nearby school or law firm with
>> suitable resources. I know there are services that provide not only the
>> bridging but also a large network of meeting rooms ready for use.
>> Do any of you use a service like this? Does it work well for you? Would you
>> recommend any particular provider?
>> Thanks,
>> Michael

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