[teknoids] Pay for Print for students

Bruce Williamson bruce at lclark.edu
Tue Dec 8 14:27:08 EST 2009

Dear Mark,
Thanks so much for your email. (If you're interested), Elmer, one of the 
main teknoids dudes, pointed me to the following URL, which shows what a 
whole boat load of law schools are doing regarding student pay-for-print.


Mark Beekhuizen wrote:
> At the SJ Quinney (University of Utah) we use Papercut.  We replaced an old installation of Pcounter with this product and fel it is a fantastic system.
> Mark
> Mark Beekhuizen
> Information Technology Director
> SJ Quinney College of Law
> University of Utah
> 332 S 1400 E Room 101
> Salt Lake City, Utah  84112
> 801-916-9430
> mark.beekhuizen at law.utah.edu
> On Dec 8, 2009, at 11:18 AM, Bruce Williamson wrote:
> Dear fellow Teknoids,
> Hello from Portland OR. We're considering pay-for-print for the student 
> body. Have any of you implemented this at your school? If so, what have 
> you used, e.g., GoPrint? Thanks!
> Bruce

Bruce Williamson, Computing Services Team Leader
Lewis and Clark Law School, www.lclark.edu/law

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