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We did have some issues early on Thurs. morning. We were lucky that the
problem cleared up before exams started. We saw the same thing that Gary


Jim Epting
Director, Computer Services
USC - School of Law

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Yes we did.  We had several students say that they could not see the
exams on the download screen last evening and I had checked the site and
knew that they hadn't downloaded the exam previously.  Apparently after
they were able to after a few times going back in later on.

Gary Moore
Assistant Dean for Information Systems
Hofstra Law School
e-mail - lawgpm at hofstra.edu
Phone - (516) 463-6067

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We had exams yesterday and all of our exams went off without a hitch.
No issues downloading or uploading exams.  Sorry to hear about your
troubles!  Always hate it when you know what hits the fan come exam
time! :)

Dave Bachechi
Interim Director of IT
Phoenix School of Law

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your IT needs: IT Home
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Any of you experience some issues with the Softest yesterday?  None of
our students could download their exam files.  They all had to hand
write their exams.  I didn't realize how much law students hate to write
until last night.
_ _
Frantz Pierre
Director of Information Technology
FIU, College of Law

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