[teknoids] Restricting of wireless access in classrooms

Daniel Nagy dn56 at cornell.edu
Wed Dec 2 15:39:25 EST 2009

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Trying to block wifi/cell access is a loosing battle. A solution that 
works today will not work tomorrow. Unless you have Faraday cage 
classrooms, (hey, the CIA did it with a whole building) time will 
eventually make anything you do obsolete.  This is not a silicon based 
problem. This is a carbon based problem.

The only quick, current solution is to make it a violation of the honor 
code. The long term solution is to transform the already bastardized 
thing that is referred to as the "Socratic method of teaching" to 
embrace modern technology. There is a lot of status quo instructional 
infrastructure maintained under the guise of Socratic method, so good 
luck with that.

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Urrea, Nick wrote:
> I know the Teknoids Community has talked about the concept of 
> restricting wireless in the classrooms many times in the past.
> I'm compiling research to give to our Faculty Technology Committee.
> My question is has anybody successfully implemented a solution that 
> restricts access to wireless internet in classrooms?
> Also if you have tried and were not successful in restricting wireless 
> access in classrooms let me know. Why didn't the solution work.
> No opinions please about how students can just go buy a mobile 
> broadband card from a cellular carrier, or installing microwaves in 
> the classrooms, or that teaching techniques should improve.
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