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We have a "key operator" in each department.  This harkens back to the
days when a "key operator" was identified in each area to ensure the
copiers were kept up with paper and timely service calls placed.


We have had a CMS in place for a long time but we had trouble getting
folks to use it until we recruited the senior administration to help.  


We worked directly with senior administration to ensure that the
identification of the key operators was done by supervisors and not by
us (though we did advise on this point).  Since the whole project of
slicing up the responsibility for content creation and management came
through the Dean's office, we didn't really have to work that hard at
"encouraging" participation.  Folks have this duty assigned to them as
one of their core job components.  I'm not aware of any complaints - but
that kind of complaining wouldn't necessarily come to our dept since the
duties were assigned by each departmental supervisor.


We did initial training and have done several follow-ups.  The student
groups tend to be spotty in their participation - that's probably the
weakest part of our system.


We have worked pretty hard the past few years to communicate that we
provide the platform but we're not the content folks - we still do a
good bit of content manipulation but it's nothing compared to what it
was just two years ago.  We still get complaints now and then from
senior admin about content errors or out of date things but slowly
people are coming to understand that each department is responsible for
their own content and is able to maintain it on their own.  


All in all, this system is easily one of the best things we've
implemented in the last ten years.  It's not a perfect system but it
works pretty well for our needs.  We use a hosted version of OmniUpdate
through a university-wide contract.


Happy December,



Pepperdine Law



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I'm curious, for those of you using CMS setups to manage your website,
what types of users are being granted edit access (it staff, department
heads, secretaries, students, etc) and more importantly I'm curious as
to what feedback/reception that you might have had from user classes
about this change in responsibility/etc.



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