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Suggest the IBM guide, http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/library/os-drupal1/index.html , and other resources among Elmer's great list of Drupal links, http://delicious.com/emasters/drupal?page=1 .  Also Elmer's & Joshua Brauer's Calicon09 presentation, http://w.cali.org/conference/session/77 .

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I am looking into using Drupal for our CMS solution for the law  
library's website. It's loaded; I'm poking around and confused, as I  
am used to using Dreamweaver and PHP to do everything. Any suggestions  
out there on good texts to get me orientated.

Iain Barksdale
Head of Reference Services
Bounds Law Library
University of Alabama School of Law
Tuscaloosa, AL

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