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Tom Black tcblack at uark.edu
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Hi Ed,

There are upsides and downsides for both types of publishing.  It really boils down to how involved you wish to be with your blog.

Here's a little breakdown that may help out:

Hosted Blog systems like Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress.com
	- no need to maintain software and install security patches
	- very little flexibility as far as plug-ins go, but the look/template is very flexible
	- no need to have a server to maintain, or space to worry about

DIY systems on your own server like Wordpress.org, Movable Type, and Expression Engine
	- must maintain software and security patches yourself
	- very flexible plug-in architecture and look/template system
	- must maintain your own server space
	- total control over your own blog system
	- You have your own branded domain

In my opinion, a hosted solution like Blogger, Wordpress.com, and Typepad are just fine.  Unless having your own branded URL matters to you of course.

Thank you,

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Looking for pros and cons for blogger software. I have a couple of trial
blogs I set up with Blogger and publish to my own site. This works
pretty well, but I am wondering if there are advantages to other
packages and whether there are advantages to publishing to the blogger
domain rather than one's own domain.



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