[teknoids] Ongoing issue with wordpress "missing" wp-config.php file

Johnson, Cyndi johnson at law.unm.edu
Mon Aug 10 12:30:27 EDT 2009

Here's a "makes no sense" issue for a Monday morning.
We have an intranet site built with WordPress. It runs fine for awhile,
then comes up with a "missing" wp-config.php error. Nothing changes on
the server or site. It was fine on Friday then missing on Monday. But of
course, it's really there. So far just messing with the file seems to
make it work. I've googled for this problem and only found one hit with
it being in the wrong directory. This just started happening after the
latest WP upgrade.
Has anyone seen anything like this?
Cyndi Dean Johnson
Assistant Dean for Information Technology
UNM School of Law
(505) 277-0695
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