[teknoids] Drupal question

Nathan DeGruchy ndegruchy at fcsl.edu
Mon Nov 24 15:05:22 EST 2008

Have you set the default post option to HTML instead of filtered?  A lot of editors require this.

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I've just installed Drupal on a new web hosting account using a script
installer in my host's control panel.  I'm running into a weird problem
in that HTML tags that I put into posts are not being rendered.  To see
if it would help, I installed TinyMCE, and while the formatting shows up
in the editor window, it still doesn't show up in the post as displayed.

The same thing goes for images - I have one on the home page, but you
can't see it.

The site (which is very much under construction - I just started on it
this morning) is at http://www.tennfairhousing.org (hopefully everyone's
DNS is up to date).  The first sentence on that page is supposed to be
large and bold.

Any ideas what might be going on?  I thought it might be the CSS, but
I'm having the problem in all my themes, and I've never had this problem
with Drupal before.

I'll also post something on the Drupal forums, but the info from there
is not necessarily always stellar.



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