[teknoids] Hosted Video Service vs. In-House Media Server (Bandwidth)

Raymond Flores rflores at law.usc.edu
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We use a combination of both.  For videos that are intended for internal
use we post them behind our portal.  Depending on the format they are
either mediasite recordings or video recordings converted to flash.
When you convert to flash the bandwidth and storage requirements drop


For public videos we post them to our dedicated youtube channel.  This
is a free service but they will eventually charge for it.  You can view
our channel at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/uscgould

Thank you.




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We've had quite a few requests from deans and faculty about making
recorded special events available online, and I'm contemplating two
options:  either to use a hosted video service or to have an in-house
media server to host the files.  We have a 20MB/S line which
accommodates traffic to our website, e-mail traffic, some wireless
traffic, and in the near  future RAS.  

To those who host their own media servers:

*       What speed is your network?

*       What type of bandwidth problems (if any) do you experience when
multiple individuals attempt to access media from the server?

*       What server product do you use to host your videos?

Those who use a hosted service:

*       Who do you use?

*       Will options does the service provide?

Any feedback would be helpful.  Thanks.

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