[teknoids] Virginia adds AV recording to classrooms

Derek Leach dl9c at virginia.edu
Wed Nov 5 17:20:14 EST 2008

Hi all,
   I can give a brief summary of this although I don't know how useful 
it will be.  On the sound capture end we are using USB mics from 
SoundProfessionals.  Sound quality is good and USB means we never have 
to worry about replacing batteries which was a pain in our test system. 
  One hazard is that any unplug of the USB mic sets the line (recording) 
level back to 0 so we have taped those down.
   For the recording we are using TotalRecorder which does a nice job of 
capturing the audio and the latest version allows you to set a sound 
profile which can be exported to other systems, which is handy for 
replicating settings among many classrooms.  We can stand to improve the 
gain control though as some of the student discussion/comment cand be 
hard to pick up.
   For the file copy portion we have found ViceVersaPro to be very 
useful.  It logs on as a service even when computers are sitting at the 
login screen so the mp3 files can be pushed to the server at any time. 
The files are automatically copied to our course home page interface 
which is all home-brewed (Lotus Notes) and very nicely programmed but 
not likely transferable to other systems.
   TotalRecorder allows for screen capture of Powerpoint slides as well 
and we initially had bandwidth issues due to the large file sizes but 
ultimately we were able to shrink that to a manageable size.  Some day 
we may look to implement some video recording aspect to complement this 
but the system would be completely different.

Hopefully this is a helpful overview but if you are interested in 
clarification of anything here, feel free to email me directly.


Derek Leach
dl9c at virginia.edu
Law ITC User Support Manager
University of Virginia Law School

Elmer Masters wrote:
> Hey, caught this little tidbit this afternoon: http://tinyurl.com/6rrna6
> Wondering if any of our friends from Virginia would care to give us
> the gory technical details about how they're doing this?
> Thanks,
> Elmer.


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