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I wonder if people have heard similar complaints from students?  I would
not be surprised, especially when it comes to the memory.  I'm a tennis
fan and I have been using ESPN360.com to watch some of the French Open
during my lunch break (they offer both live games and replays of earlier
matches) and I have to shut down iTunes for that due to some kind of
memory conflict.


I personally love iTunes but then I only use it for listening to radio
on the computer (at home I have such terrible real radio reception that
I went out and bought an Airport Express so that I could stream my
iTunes feed to my stereo wirelessly from my computer)  or managing my
iPod,  so the playlist annoyances are not an issue for me.   I suspect a
lot of our students are more like me on that score but I wouldn't be
surprised if lots of them have the same issues with memory that you
mentioned and that I have experienced.  


Are there other issues that people have with iTunes?  Our campus is
considering using iTunesU so that's why I am so interested.




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I can't speak for Elmer, but I will not use iTunes because it takes up
something like 10MB of RAM even when it is not running, because of the
ipodhelper.exe and itunesassistant.exe (I think those are the always-on

Also, I just don't like the way iTunes forces me to create a playlist
for everything, instead of allowing me to queue up songs like every
other music player I have used.


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Wilson, Lowell wrote: 

Hi Elmer,
For the good of the discussion would you mind sharing some of your
reasons for not wanting to install iTunes?
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Is there anyway to access this material without iTunes?  All the links
I found only allow access through iTunes, which I'm not inclined to
install on my PC.  I think it would be worthwhile to host a copy of
these podcasts somewhere that is openly accessible (like Classcaster),
so everyone could at them with out installing Apple's software and
creating an account.
Just my 2 cents.
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	Hello everyone,
	I'm forwarding a link to a video introducing a new legal writing


	hosted on the Suffolk Law School iTunes U site.
	It showcases writing faculty from many schools and I thought
some of


	might be interested.
	To view the video go to
	To listen to the podcasts go to


	Irene R. Good
	Director of Academic Technology
	Suffolk University Law School
	120 Tremont Street
	Boston, Massachusetts 02108
	irgood at suffolk.edu
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